Four Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Fleet of Vehicles

Fleet managers are expected to save money wherever they can, and this can make it tempting to ignore scheduled preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, Service Masters advises that you aren’t saving money in the long run. Rather, fleet vehicles that aren’t maintained will cost you more money in the end. Let’s talk about this further below.

1. Ensures Vehicle Safety

One of the primary reasons why vehicles need preventative maintenance is to ensure they stay safe on the road. Maintenance services such as brake inspections confirm that your fleet drivers can always slow down and stop their vehicles when they need to. Imagine what would happen if one of your fleet vehicles experienced brake failure. The driver would likely get into an accident and your vehicle would be the cause of the accident. You may end up being sued by the victims. This is why it is so important to ensure your vehicles are always safe.

2. Ensures Vehicle Reliability

Your drivers rely on reliability, as well. It does them no good to drive fleet vehicles that are not operating as they should be. In fact, an inefficient engine alone can cost you more money and diesel fuel or gasoline. Plus, if the vehicles are not reliable, your fleet drivers will head elsewhere for employment. It costs money to advertise for driving positions and to hire new drivers. Your fleet drivers rely on the reliability of the vehicles to help them perform their jobs.

3. Prevents Auto Repairs

Preventative maintenance keeps the vehicles reliable and helps prevent the need for automotive repairs. When a fleet vehicle is in the shop for repairs, you are not only responsible for the cost of the repairs but you are also losing money on the inoperable vehicle. If you calculate the profits each vehicle brings in, you will see that this can be a significant amount of money, especially if the repairs are extensive and the vehicle will be in the shop for a long time.

4. Saves You Money

We’ve already talked throughout this blog post about how preventative maintenance saves you money. This is a simple fact. It costs less to maintain your fleet of vehicles than it does to repair them or cover the costs if they get into automobile accidents. In fact, you will find that safe and reliable fleet vehicles turn over fantastic profits for a very long time.

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