Service Masters Total Car Care Now Offering FiTech

Service Masters Total Car Care is already the area leader in automotive repair and maintenance, but we are always looking for a chance to make our existing operations even better. To that end, we recently added the exclusive FiTech fuel injection products to our list of offerings.

Power Adder:

The FiTech fuel injection line of products are among the most technologically advanced and well respected in the industry. This power adder is a big hit with automotive enthusiasts and ordinary drivers alike, giving vehicles a much-needed power boost and making every mile even more exciting.

Multiple Uses:

FiTech is not a single product. Rather it is a collection of different products, each designed to boost the performance, reliability and quality of fuel injected vehicles. FiTech fuel pumps are designed for peak performance without sacrificing fuel economy, something that drivers are sure to appreciate. If you love performance but need efficiency, Service Masters Total Car Care can help you select the FiTech fuel pump that is right for your ride.

FiTech fuel pumps are popular choices with avid drivers and hobby car builders. These fuel pumps can be used to convert existing vehicles from carburetion to electronic fuel injection, making them the perfect choice for lovers of older cars.

Hot Rodders:

Hot rodders love FiTech as well, especially the popular self-tuning induction systems. This unique system contains everything hot rodders need to complete their induction systems and get on the road.

Hot rodders are also big fans of the FiTech HyperFuel Hy-Fuel Single Pump In-Tank Retrofit kit, with a unique design perfect for vehicles that suffer from fuel starvation under extreme conditions. These fuel starvation issues are often caused by poor baffling, a problem this unique tank is designed to address. Since the pump is inside the fuel tank, the system can be adapted to either return or returnless uses, thanks to the top quality built-in regulator. If you love performance but hate unexpected problems, the Hyperfuel Hy-Fuel pump could be the perfect choice.

Service Masters Total Car Care is also proud to offer the FiTech Go Street EFI, a game-changing system designed to jump start high-performance engines and thrill avid drivers. This unique engine booster is designed to provide the ultimate performance at an affordable price, and Service Masters Total Car Care is proud to offer this exceptional product to all its customers.

FiTech is the undisputed leader in high-performance fuel injection technology, and Service Masters Total Car Care is the area leader in automotive repair and maintenance. Now that the two have teamed up, drivers around the region will be stopping by to take a look.